The luckiest girl there ever was


Things have been rough these past couple weeks. Although I am amazed at God’s way of working things out in a master plan that falls together perfectly, the timing was challenging. Just surviving finals was a victory in itself.

Now, I am in a brand new city all alone. Ok ok that sounds bad…this has been my biggest dream come true and I’ve been waiting for this since I got accepted. But being emotionally damaged and drained…being thrown in to such a challenging situation is a little unnerving. Luckily I believe that I am exactly where I am supposed to be because someone else knows what’s best for me and is always there when I need someone to lean on;)

Instead of complaining about only having a 3 day summer at home with my family, I am feeling overwhelmingly grateful to have them in the first place. They make me the luckiest girl.

I somehow was able to be home for my dad’s doctoral graduation (there’s that perfect timing again) and I am so proud of him!!! We also were able to celebrate Father’s Day as a family. It was a great lil break full of love


Now that my emotions are out of the way…it’s time to get excited about SPENDING MY SUMMER IN WASHINGTON DC HELLO

I’m SO excited I’ve been so sick of California and dying to spend some time in the east coast. I can’t believe I’m here!! I’m all settled as of today and my internship starts Wednesday. I can’t wait to share more!!! Xoxox

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