Words of Encouragement for the 1st Day of an Internship (from me to me)

The first day of any job is one of the most intimidating things in the world. Today I was terrified to even write on the wrong piece of paper…just one small mistake like that and someone could think you’re the most incompetent human being in the world!!! This is what I keep telling myself to persuade myself to wake up in the morning and go back..

1. You’re not the first intern and you’re not the last. There have been way worse before you and there will be worse after you leave. You’re so temporary that the office doesn’t have the energy to keep a track record of you- it’s not worth it to them. They don’t go home at night and think about the mistakes you made. In that moment, they may think you’re an idiot, but you basically get to start fresh each day because they honestly don’t care enough to remember your mistakes. It’s easier to make a good, lasting impression than to completely embarrass yourself. Focus on that.

2. When you’re new at something and don’t get it down right away, it’s inevitable that you’ll feel like a dysfunctional, incompetent person. Just trust that on the last day, you’ll have the hang of it and ultimately feel like you can conquer the world.

3. Remember that you’re already way ahead of anyone that hasn’t started. Everyone has to start somewhere, some people don’t even start, but you’ve got a head start ;)

Got it Shan?


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