Happy 1 week, internship<3

Operation come to DC and meet tons of cute boys has been (hopefully temporarily) put on hold, seeing as I am at work from 9 to almost 7 every day and all I want to do when I get home is get in bed…not even cook dinner. This is a serious dent in the plan…what are we gonna do?

In other news, I have had time to gather my thoughts and decided I learned some valuable lessons my first (today is mine and my internships 1 week anniversary) week as in intern.

Firstly, I realized that, as much as I’m here for a seriously great resume builder, the office isn’t just doing me a favor by letting me work with them. They don’t do favors, they actually need me there. Yes, I am learning, but most importantly I’m there to help them and take some stress off of them. Once I realized that, a lot of the pressure went away. (My supervisor also does a great job at making me feel appreciated, saying thank you 50 times a day)

Second, I accepted the fact that I am going to need to ask questions. There was no intern orientation and they didn’t give me a packet of rules and guidelines for the office, so of course they expect me to ask questions! The important thing, at least for me personally, is the way I ask the questions. I may be working on a project and have multiple questions come up, so instead of walking over to his desk every time, I do what I can for the time being and try to ask them all at once in a non-overwhelming way. I feel like he appreciates that and it ends up seeming like one whole questions, rather than tons of little ones. I say, “When you have a sec I’ve got a few questions for you.” I’ve already made sure all my thoughts are gathered and I can shoot them at him smoothly, and they’ll all make sense, and I’ll sound like I kind of know what I’m talking about it, and I’ll wast the least amount of his time as possible. It’s alllll about presentation. Bringing me to my next lesson…

It’s all about presentation. lol. I remember my first day someone took me to her desk and started showing me how to use a program, how to answer the phones, etc etc. I was so cautious to not look stupid in front of her and act like I had it all together. Then, about an hour later I learned that she was an intern too and it was only her third week, and she was only a year older than me. I definitely thought she was like 30 and had been there for years. Nope, she was just confident. I realized that getting people to respect me and see me as competent is mostly a matter of the way I carry myself. Cause, especially in politics, personality is everything.

Lastly, I learned that 2 things matter as an intern: quality and quantity. Quality being the substance of the work you produce and quantity being the amount of time it takes you to produce it. My first day, I decided I would way rather give them SOMETHING, so they could at least see a product and tell me how to fix it from there, instead of waiting and waiting for it to be perfect. I chose time, and decided that quality would come. I’m getting there.

I think the most impressive thing an intern can be is cool calm and collected. And smart. And fast.

P.S. one word-bandaids.

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