I just got out of the the church that I found and love in Georgetown and came down to the water to spend some more time with The Lord because he had put a lot on my heart this morning.

In each chapter of my life I’ve been lucky enough to experience a little whisper from God, like a theme to that chapter, telling me what he wants me to know and learn during that time. This time it’s just constantly reminding myself that he’s enough.

When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, always having the comfort of knowing that someone cares about you, and then suddenly find yourself alone, it’s hard not to fret. It’s easy to tell yourself that God has a plan and to trust in him, but I can’t help but worry about months from now or years from now if I’m still lonely, or if I grow lonelier, and have a hard time being satisfied by myself.

If I ever feel that way I’m gonna come back to this post and remind myself these things.

Psalm 23: I have all that I need
He renews my strength and guides me along the right path
My cup overflows with blessings

When I have nothing, when I don’t want what I have, and when I don’t have what I want, I have everything I need.

Psalm 37- He will give you your hearts desires…

Not your greedy or worldy wants, but the ones that he knows you need, the ones that he knows will satisfy you.

…commit everything you do to him
Be still in his presence and wait patiently for him to act
He delights in the tiniest details of your life

If The Lord delights in a man’s way, he will make his steps firm

He’s never failed me and he won’t start now. When I’m lonely or discontent, he’s still up to something. He always has something waiting for me. I can’t always see it, but even the tiniest details of my life are his way of working things out for his bigger picture. He has always been enough, and he will always be enough.

PS I love Sundays


3 thoughts on “Singleness

  1. This is so sweet! God has you single for a reason right now so fill your time up with something you absolutely love (besides a handsome man)!


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