Washington DC: how to eat here


What’d you think of that title?

One of the best things about living in the city (versus places like Palms Springs,where I’m from) is the normalcy of eating out. It’s so fun to try all the new food places in your neighborhood! There are so many places to eat within a mile of you at all times. Since I’ve been here, I’ve made an effort to only eat at places that are unique to DC or the East Coast (but sometimes, Pinkberry happens). These are my favorites.

1. The first pictures is a place called Sweetgreen. There are a few in DC and they recently opened up in New York City. I found out about Sweetgreen through one of my favorite NYC bloggers, and just got around trying it tonight for dinner. I’m actually not a salad person, but these salads are not just salads. So good.

2. The second picture is a concrete from Shake Shack. I actually have to stop myself from getting this every day. Each location has their own concretes (like an icre-cream shake custard thing) that have DC-themed punny names which is fun in and of itself. My favorite is the monu-mint.

3. The last picture is at Chop’t. We really need one of these in California. It’s kind of like Chipotle- you can make your own salad or choose one of theirs, and also get any salad turned in to a wrap. I could eat this every night!! And I obviously go the wrap-route because I don’t get how people can just eat salad for a meal.

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