Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-awardHow cute is this idea? I was nominated by beauty and mi who has some of the most useful makeup reviews and tips if I do say so myself! She’s new to WordPress, so follower her now – go go go!

The Rules:
– Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
– Put the award logo on your blog.
– Answer the ten questions they have sent you.
– Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
– Nominate ten people


She asked me:

1. What is your favourite eye-shadow palette?

I have the Naked2 pallet! I like to stick to the nudes and the champagnes so it’s perf for me.

2. Drugstore or High-End make-up brands?

I have not dabbled much in high-end make-up brands; however, I imagine I would prefer that kind. For now, as a college student, I stick to drugstore.

3. Favourite Concealer?

Neutrogena age-rewind eraser. Concealer is important to me because bags are an issue for me. This one is fun…it’s like a marker.

4. What’s the best mascara you own?

I’ve been using Rimmel Scandal Eyes for a while but I think I’m ready to branch out. I’m picky about mascara because I have long/thick/messy eyelashes so a lot of mascaras make my eyelashes look flakey and tangled. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

5. What’s the best product you own under £4?

Well I’m not really sure of the US dollar translation…but Elf actually has a pretty decent eyebrow pallet that I think is around $3.

6. If you could only wear one type of product e.g. foundation, mascara, lipstick etc. for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Bare minerals powder foundation. Hands-down.

7. Biggest weakness when buying make-up?

Lip stuff. Chapstick, lipstain, lipstick, you name it.

8. What’s your favourite shade of lipstick/gloss?

Currently,Maybelene Coral Rush. It’s a really nice coral/tangy red and I was really in to it this summer.

9. Coloured eye-liner – yay or nay?

Nay D: but that’s a personal choice, do your thing.

10. What’s your everyday skincare routine?

Nothing exciting. In the morning (if I feel like it) I use a Neutrogena exfoliating face wash and leave it at that. At night (without fail), I wash my face with Neutrogena’s Acne Stress Control face wash, which I’ve been loyal to for years and years. Sometimes I’ll use Neutrogena’s basic moisturizer around my eyes, or their acne control moisturizer.


So my questions are:

1. What is your favorite inspirational quote?

2. What is the best thing you’ve ever learned from Pinterest?

3. Why do you blog?

4. What is your favorite beauty product under $10?

5. What is the most valuable lesson you learned in high school?

6. What is your biggest regret in college?

7. What is your favorite already-made Spotify playlist?

8. What is the first quality you value in another human being?

9. Why is your best friend your best friend?

10. Where do you usually find yourself wishing you could  be?


aaaaaaaaand I nominate:

Young and Twenty

Wanderful Ways

Liz and Lifestyle

Girls on a Whim

Joelly Bambi

Sincerely, Kinsey


Sincerely Savannah


The College LifeStylist


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