Reminiscing: DC highlights


My last week in DC was a hectic one for many reasons, but we tried to get in as many last-minute things we hadn’t done yet as we could. I wish I had known about them before so I could have enjoyed them longer! But I’m here so you don’t make the same mistake ;) These are all a must if you’re in the DC area!

1. Dean & Deluca – mad that I didn’t know their pastries were a thing. They also have cheese & meat samples available at all times.


2. Top of the Washington Monument- It’s only like $2 and kind of scary but gives you a great view of all 4 quadrants of the city


3. The Kennedy Center – They have a free comedian perform EVERY single night at 6. 365 days a year. It sounds too good to be true but it’s not.


4. Monument Sunrise – my roommate and I did this one our last full day in the city. We left just before 5am and walked to the Lincoln (note that Starbucks is not open at this time). It was an awesome experience to be there before the crowds of people and watch the sky go from dark to purple.


5. Ice Cream… – Ok I’m REALLY sorry but I forgot what this place was called. But it has THE BEST and most unique ice cream flavors you must try. I got “banana bourbon caramel”. And it’s at the Navy Yard…(see below)


6. The Navy Yard – All summer my roommates and I went to Jazz in the Garden on Friday nights, but we didn’t know the Navy Yard had a similar live music thing! This one was so fun because it was right on the water and the music was a live band that played everything from old classics to new songs. A lot more families came to this one and it’s just such a cute setting.


7. Founding Farmers – If you’re in DC and don’t get breakfast at Founding Farmers you’re making a huge mistake. Best breakfast ever, just trust me. But you have to make a reservations days in advanced or you’ll never get in, or have to settle for an 8am slot.


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