The Pres Suite

Morgan was away this weekend and I cleaned our room to the cleanest it’s ever been, so I thought it was time to do the overdue tour of our room (that I was supposed to do last year when we moved in upstairs).

1-18-14 102

This is her bed. I made it for her…

1-18-14 103

This is my bed. I sleep with a teddy bear…

(Those mirrors are from Anthropologie)

1-18-14 104

That garland is one of my favorite things ever. I had it behind my bed last year, and even brought it with me to DC this summer for my apartment. This year I got creative and hung it up over our bookshelf? I found it here on pinterest and my mom and I made it.

Behind our desk is also an inspiration board made solely of photos and my favorite quotes from my words board on pinterest.

1-18-14 131

Wanna know a secret? Trader Joe’s has the cutest greeting cards that make for great wall decor/inspiration. That bottom one also came with me to DC!

1-18-14 132

This is just a close up of the shelf above my bed cause I love it. The little owl was gold and I spray painted it white. I got all of these at Marshall’s which is also something that makes you feel great about yourself.

1-18-14 133

Morgan made these for us last year (mine is an S obviously) and they’ve become one of my fav decorations. She just got those cardboard letters from Michael’s, rubbed paint on some dimes, and glued them on. They’re so bold and unique and go perfectly with our color scheme.

1-18-14 125P.S. This weekend we had exec training at UCLA  and we went to The Big Chill for the first time….I’ll just leave you with that ^^^

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