My 21st was great before it even officially started because my sister came home from Arizona just for one night so we could have a family birthday dinner (missing my brother and his fiance). First of all, how thoughtful?! My sister loves to celebrate anything she possibly can more than anyone I know and she’s the best at making someone feel special!

THEN, Morgan drove ALL THE WAY FROM FRESNO to surprise me the day before my birthday. I can honestly say I’ve only been truly surprised 3 times in my whole entire life, and 2 of them were by her. She’s the best surprise too! We met my friend Ashley in Santa Monica for lunch at Sonoma Wine Garden and I ordered my first legal drink which was a watermelon mojito because I always had a feeling I would be a mojito kind of girl and I was correct.

Then the rest of my friends met us at the hotel in time to get ready for dinner at Seasons 52 and then we went out in Santa Monica. I love them!!!

21 is going to be a great year I think. It already has been and I’m already 2 days in… :)

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