The Bridal Shower

As my honorable duty of co-Maid of Honor in my brother’s wedding, I got to entirely plan his fiance, Natasha’s, Bridal Shower (my sister gets to do the Bachelorette Party). I had so much fun prepping and planning for it, and obviously made a Pinterest Board because how else would I have pulled it off? (I made it private, of course, so that everything would be a complete surprise for her). My mom made sure to use every coupon she could, and we even bought all the bowls, cups, glasses at the 99 cents store. That lady really knows how to (not) spend.


The Mimosa Bar was easily my favorite spot. You can see where I got the inspiration for our Mimosa Bar here (right down to the very sign).


I got the idea for the “Blushing Bride” & “Bright Future” mimosas here. I think originally the “Blushing Bride” is supposed to be raspberry lemonade, but my mom chose Cranberry Pomegranate and it was SO good –  everyone preferred that over the original orange juice.


I got the idea to have my brother write out his favorite things about Natasha and frame them as decorations here. I asked him to write 7 and he gave me 9… Ugh they are cute I guess.


I was most excited about these!! Which I originally saw here. We also had these veggie & ranch cups, along with mini quiches from Costco!


Again, got the idea of a self-serve yogurt bar here and copied it right down to the chalkboard sign.



Above you will see yet another garland, directed by me and put together by my mom. In other words, I chose the paper and she sewed it for me. We made another one of these back when I moved in to Pi Phi, and I’ve brought it with me to every room I’ve lived in since (you can see it in the Pres Suite here and even featured in my DC apartment here). It’s my favorite little decoration so of course I [my mom] made one for the photo backdrop!

We also played He Said She Said, and I surprised her with a Newlywed Trivia game, having my brother record himself answering the questions ahead of time so we could play them for her and make sure she got all of them right ;) She knows that kid better than anyone else, 100%.

I had been looking forward to this day for such a long time and was so glad I was able to pull it off. It was so much fun and everyone was so genuinely happy! I love those two together.



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