What I Love About Santa Barbara: Coffee Shops!

Just one of my favorite things in the world is a good coffee shop, & luckily Santa Barbara has some great ones. The 2 story Starbs on State never fails, and there are tons of other great ones too like the French Press, and ones others rave about that I just haven’t tried yet, like Handlebar. The Daily Grind on De La Vina and Mission is my current #1 (I’m currently sitting in it right now, supposed to be doing homework). There’s SO much room outside and inside to do work and plenty of outlets so what more could I ask for? The vibes are so cozy and friendly, and the coffees not bad either ;) See how happy that mans looks to eat that muffin?
Rebar is another great spot on State in the Funk Zone that Morgan found. They have reallyyyy good cold brew coffee and big picnic tables outside with outlets, so it’s the best place to do work when the weather is nice (so not as of late).

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