The Best Saturday 

Saturdays have become my favorite day because they are my only true days off (between school, work, and my internship), so every weekend I’m determined to make the most of it. My idea of “making the most of it” is probably much different from others (what can I say?! I’m an old soul) but this Saturday I really outdid myself. As the day went on, I kept saying, “I’m having the best day” but it only kept getting better. It’s one of those days that I wish could happen more often, but is easier to appreciate when few and far between. These are some of the things that make my heart the happiest:


I spent the morning making some word art, which has become my new favorite pastime. If you know me, you know that I’m just obsessed with words and quotes in general, and this summer I started teaching myself calligraphy, so I’ve started making my own quotagraphs (as Haley likes to call them) using Black Archival Calligraphy Pens from Paper Source just for fun. I’m still practicing, I really want to get good at it! It’s always a good day when I have time to sit down and create. This particular Saturday was rainy and even though it’s April, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to light the fireplace, which… I mean.. rain + fireplace = instant happiness.


I started a tradition with myself at the beginning of the year making pancakes on Saturday mornings (chocolate chip obviously). For a while I really stuck with my paleo egg-banana recipe or would sometimes try coconut flour pancakes, but I’ve recently been using the Multi-grain Mix from Trader Joe’s and I LOVE it. Then Morgan brought me coffee which can only make my day better. I also swiffered the floor and did laundry after breakfast which definitely heightened the greatness of the day but I’ll spare you those details…

Hot Yoga @ Power of Your Om

Morgan and I have been going to Power of Your Om yoga studio in downtown Santa Barbara since our freshman year. It was the first time I was introduced to hot yoga and now I just can’t enjoy regular or bikram yoga. Hot yoga is it. Lately I’ve been really loving the $5 community classes. They’re $5 because they’re taught by teachers in training, but still just as great of a class!

Santa Barbara Public Market


After yoga, we walked across the street to the Santa Barbara Public Market for dinner to get some Empty Bowl. I get the Thai Curry Noodle Soup and some Thai Tea and I would argue that it’s the best in the business. Then I got a mini chocolate raspberry cupcakes from Enjoy Cupcakes which was gone before I even thought about photographing it, but I’ll tell ya it was cute and great, all two bites of it!

Reflecting on my Saturday just makes me that much more appreciative of the simple things, the small details, that can translate to happiness. Over the past year I’ve really been made aware of how unique everyone’s simple pleasures are, and how my idea of the perfect day can be so much different than someone else’s. I think most of my friends would have even been bored with my Saturday, but I’m happy that I’ve learned just how to make myself happy, and I’m okay with the fact that my happy doesn’t look like everyone else’s.

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