San Fran & Big Sur 

San Francisco, CA

A San Fran/Big Sur road trip with Morgan has been at the top of my bucket list all quarter and with only 2 weeks left of school (!!!) we decided to throw it in this weekend. We stayed with Morgan’s sister, Taylor (hey Taylor… if you’re reading this, thanks for having us) who planned the whole weekend for us. We did a lot, but I was trying to stay off my phone so didn’t take many photos, so here’s what I did capture.

^^ picnic in Fort Mason ft. Taylor mid-cheese & cracker bite

^ food trucks @ Off The Grid after Church on Sunday

Big Sur, CA

Driving home through Big Sur added an extra 3 hours to our trip, but luckily Morgan is patient with me. This really weird thing happened where we got to the first lookout and we both had to pee and were so hungry and grumpy but somehow both turned in to giggle heads for no reason and then almost peed our pants. But I managed to take some (really) good photos, all thanks to the view and no thanks to my iPhone.

^s/o to the giraffic tee (trademark haley killam)

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