Palm Springs -> Palm Desert

I just wanted to get out and take pictures of some pretty things with the camera I got yesterday to test out, so I went out at 6am this morning to wander before the temp reached triple digits (ugh).

I started up against the mountains while the sun rose in Palm Springs and eventually made my way down 111 to Palm Desert. Here are just a few (unedited) shots of the best spots around town:


 I think this place gets better and better every time I come home. I’m glad I’ve come to appreciate my hometown..can’t say I’ve always thought so highly of this desert ;)



^^ the one and only pink door -i love this new video that just came out on it!


^^ those mountains + those palm trees are just so good for my soul





DSC00151^^ Once the sun was officially up, it was time for coffee at IW Coffee. My loyalties still lie with Koffi <3 but IW does have coconut milk lattes, so there’s that going for them.

So thankful for this time gap I have to just rest at home and take care of myself! xoxo

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