The Boffa Wedding 5.21.16

I just got my hands on the PERFECT pictures from my brother and Natasha’s wedding in May at Campbell Creek Ranch in Alpine, CA and I’m OBSESSED. I wish we could do it all again!

My family had been looking forward to this day for so long. The day after the wedding was like the day after Christmas..what is left to look forward to now? Nothing!

All of the photography on this page was done by Plain Jane Photography and she also shared the details from the day on her page! She was so great and the whole day was so beautiful, it was even featured on San Diego’s Exquisite Weddings Blog. I knew I could trust her to capture the day so I didn’t really take any of my own photos. Instead, I wanted to capture small moments and put together a video so my family can always re-live the day (click here if you wanna watch it – make sure you choose the HD setting!). ANYWAYS, I posted some of my favs below but it was hard to choose. The day was just so perfect!!



^^ the first look!! eeeeep!



^^ i just love this one


^^ the ladies


^^ the gents…..



^^ the funniest wedding party you’ve ever seen


^^ my newest sister ;)

^^ just some of the cute details (imy dessert bar)

^^ cue my mom’s tears

^^ the walkout/lasso that stole the show.

but this next one…..!!!!!


^^THIS!!! That bride & that groom!

^^ the maid of honor rap (emily said a speech was too boring). video not included.

^^ alec’s speech/presentation was funny too i guess….love that photo of the two of them dying over there (that’s Jay’s head on the table)


^^ and finally the cutting of the cake made by my very own grandma that I had for breakfast the next morning. no photo or video could have even captured the fun that happened when the sun went down #backstreetboys

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