My First Week In DC

DSC009992 years later and I’m back! Last week I moved across the country with 2 suitcases and a carry-on. I spent my first 2 days here in DC/Virginia getting (almost) settled in my apartment, so last Friday I went and explored a little. I made it the whole evening with only one metro mishap ;) I really just saw the basics and places I’ve been before (still a sight for sore eyes), so if anyone has any more must-see or must-do’s in the city, PLEASE let me know!!DSC01000DSC01005^^ This was always one of my favorite views in the city for some reason. I will say the Capitol is much nicer to look at this time around, not having to be there from 9-5 every day DSC01007DSC01013^^One of my favorite spots in the city is the Navy Yard on a Friday night because live music, pretty views & ice cream jubilee. Speaking of Ice Cream Jubilee…

DSC01019^^I can’t say enough good things about their Thai Iced Tea Ice Cream.




^^So charming, right?! It looks so different from the pictures at the beginning of the post (and not just because i took it with my iPhone & chose a different filter okay!!!!!!). I love DC for all of its personalities. Some days,  I don’t even know what I’m in the mood for myself, so the city helps me figure it out. This neighborhood just happens to be where I work. I started this week and love love love it.

^^So obviously I celebrated my first Friday as an employed human being with some Jrink!! Cheers to that & to starting off this week encouraged and inspired. And with some better looking nails.




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