Our Weekend in DC  

Whelp, it’s Wednesday and I am still dreaming of the weekend. Not because it was a 3 day weekend (although that was nice), but because Orlando came to adventure with me and I’d been waiting for that for weeks! Seeing each other about once a month really really sucks, but we’ve gotten some pretty A+ weekends out of it, if I do say so myself. I’d do just about anything to relive most of them, so this time I wanted to really capture it and took some videos instead of only taking photos. You can click the image below (or just click here) to watch the video if ya want. I shared some more photos below, too :)



PS I recently decided I needed a watch on my arm but wasn’t ready to fully commit to a DW or Fossil, so I found the one I’m wearing in this photo on Amazon for only $20!!! TBH with you it broke the second time I wore it but I exchanged it instead of just returning it because it satisfies my eyeballs for now and need I repeat it was only $20? Click –>HERE <– for the link!



8 thoughts on “Our Weekend in DC  

  1. You two are adorable! I completely understand the whole only seeing each other for a weekend at a month at a time – I lived in Chicago while he lived in Colorado. It is so difficult but again I feel like the time together is that much more sweet and amazing. Bravo and keep on! Love seeing the city from your view! <3


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