Fall Baking: Morning Glory Muffins! 

Don’t ignore that it’s apple and carrot season right now. Put them in your muffins.

If I’m being honest, this was the second batch (not to be confused with the first batch that ended up in the trash).

In my defense,  I don’t normally bake with sugar. I usually go the paleo route to avoid adding sugar entirely, so can you blame me for not knowing that there is a conversion to be made when replacing regular sugar with stevia? Apparently stevia is super condensed so only calls for half of the amount of the required sugar. And no, it doesn’t end up tasting sweeter when you put too much stevia in. It ends up tasting bitter and non-swallowable. Idk guys, just learn from my mistake.

I am happy to announce that the second batch turned out beautifully (I swear! The women in my bible study can attest!!).


I got this recipe from my Grandma. This is the original recipe ^^(how authentic using a recipe clipped out of a newspaper right?) but I used 100% whole wheat flour and, as aforementioned, low calorie sweetener. I didn’t put raisins in them this time, but next time I’ll fure…lol I was trying to type “for sure” and totally just created my own hybrid word…anyways I’ll for sure add raisins and maybe even throw some walnuts in there.


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