Memories by Lang Leav

When I shared some of my favorite pieces in Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur, so many people actually picked up the book and read it. I’ve gotten my hands on some more poetry books lately so I’m sharing one of my new favorites, Memories by Lang Leav.

I know people have mixed feelings on modern day poetry. Some feel that it’s not intellectual enough, but I personally believe that nothing, not even poetry, needs to be profound in order to be respected. Some argue it’s so simple anyone can write it, to which I say, but you didn’t ;) It’s definitely not Shakespeare but I like to think of our generation as a little progressive and this new kind of poetry just speaks to the heart.


Leav’s Love & Misadventure and The Universe of Us are also waiting for me to read. If you like her writing, you should follow her on instagram!

Another book you might enjoy is The Wild Heart by Beau TaplinNatasha shared this one with me. It’s really tragically beautiful, emphasis on the tragic. You’ll really only want to read this one on a rainy day.



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