Moving Mountains by John Eldredge

Hi friends. I’m so excited to share Moving Mountains with you!! Honestly, best book I’ve read in a while. Maybe it’s just because my heart song lately has been faith faith faith pray faith believe pray faith and Jesus won’t leave me alone about it, but it’s just so so good and I actually learned so much.

Like I mentioned in a recent post, we so easily forget who God is, and that’s so crucial to how we pray…

Power is not an issue with God. His resources are unlimited. Is this the Person you have in mind when you pray? Pg. 42

I am praying to the One who gave his life for me…he cares more about what you care about than you do. Pg. 47

…but I think what moved me more than anything was the image Eldredge paints of who we are: We are not slaves or orphans, coming desperately and reluctantly to the master or father with no real right to ask. We are His children, His chosen people.

Sons and daughters, everything God has is yours. Is that how you pray? Pg. 51


You are not the orphaned child; you are not a homeless beggar, standing on the corner hoping God will pass by and hand you a couple of bucks; you are not a refugee, standing in line at the embassy, hoping the ambassador will hear your request. Not even a faithful servant, humbly trying to do your best. You are a son or daughter of the living God, a friend and ally, wielding his authority to get things done. Pg 70

Do you come to prayer knowing that God is already expecting you, looking for you with longing? Pg. 51

We do not have to be passive victims of life, waiting until a distant God chooses to do something. We are friends and allies of our intimate God; He has given us power and authority to change the course of events ourselves. Human beings are meant to intervene, to engage, to make a difference. Pg. 89

So much authority is given to us by looking at ourselves as partners with God in a shared mission. Why do we pray “in Jesus’s name”? Because we “are using the authority of the ruler of all galaxies and realms to enforce the power of what we have just prayed (Pg. 57).

If you’re like me, you have a lot of questions on this topic, like “If all this is true, why don’t I receive everything I ask God for?” Eldredge does a really good job at addressing the many layers of this question, but one of the points he makes that I’ve never really thought of, is this:

Although it is true that Jesus has won, the Lord’s prayer tells us to pray each day for his kingdom to come and for his will to be done…because not everything that happens to us is the will of God – evil still rules, and we are given free will to make things happen on our own. That’s a scary thought. That gives us even more reason to pray constantly, rather than just letting life happen to us and accepting it as “His will”.

When you think you are finished praying, you are probably just getting warmed up. Pg 81

For the search for wholeness compels every person…And only one Person who has ever walked this earth can do this for the heart and soul He created himself. Pg. 190

P.S. I ordered the sweater I’m wearing from Solid Light Co. I got one for Morgan for her birthday but also got one for myself, not sure if that makes me a good friend or a bad friend, but I’m obsessed with it.

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