Proof That Eloise Is The Best Dog In The World

She loves to snuggle up wither her stuffed panda and bunny.

She has big beautiful eyes that turn green in sunshine.

Sometimes her tongue sticks out a little between her bottom teeth and it cracks me up.

Sometimes she’s so ugly that she’s cute.

She sleeps with her head propped up like a human.

Sometimes I wake up to her spooning me.

She likes to be held like a baby when she sleeps.

She went through a phase where she was so obsessed with her little ball that she even slept with it.

She loves to cuddle on my lap.

& She hogs my mat when I take her to yoga.

Aaand I do realize that most of these photos are taken of her laying in her bed from the same angle…that’s because it’s right next to my desk and she usually lays there while I work, and distracts me by being the cutest sleeper and so I have to take a picture :-)




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