Hosting An Autumn Wine & Cheese Girls Night

The 3 must-haves for this cozy get-together:

1. Table Decor

First things first. As soon as we decided on a date and time, I walked into the Dollar Tree to look for decorations.  I love the challenge of picking out really cheap decorations that don’t look toooo tacky. I picked up some candles, fall foliage, silver platters, and those really pretty bottles you see in the right corner.

I also got the gold 2-tiered tray and a cheese board at Marshall’s, because to be honest, I probably only hosted this night because I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a cute cheese board.

My grandma once told me that when having people over at your house, all you need to do to impress them is light as many candles as you can. I think that’s the best advice ever.

2. Invites

I love stationary and greeting cards but I knew I wouldn’t have time to design and mail out an invite this week, so I used Paperless Post to send out an evite. This post is actually in cooperation with them!

I saved so many invitation designs to my “favorites” that I may have to just host another party so I can send them out ;) Paperless Post has so many cute layouts to choose from so you’ll have to check out their holiday cards before the season hits!

3. The Food & Drinks  

We wanted this to be kind of a potluck style wine and cheese night so we each chose an appetizer to contribute to the cheese board: cheese, meat, fruit, crackers or spread. Everyone brought their favorite wine so we could do some rounds of wine tasting, which is funny because what do we actually know about wine? But I do know that my favorite right now is the “Coastal” Cabernet from Trader Joe’s.

^^please note that I did in fact forget to add CHEESE to the cheese board

By the way, Happy Halloween! The thing I miss most about the cable television days is how before each holiday, every channel would play the holiday themed episodes from each show. So Kylie and I decided to do our own Halloween marathon on Netflix. That is how we will be spending our night. If you want to join us, here is tonight’s schedule:

New Girl: Season 2, Episode 6 & Season 3, Episode 6

How I Met Your Mother: Season 1, Episode 6

The Office: Season 2, Episode 5

Friends: Season 8, Episode 6

Gossip Girl: Season 3, Episode 7

Gilmore Girls: Season 6, Episode 7


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