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23-year-old in San Diego, California. I like to write about life as I learn about it. Just trying to make it as beautiful and meaningful as I can. Join me?

Make it Authentic: This is where I share pieces of my personal life. Just fun stuff, updates, life lately, ya know.

Make it Meaningful: Yours and my source of inspiration for those times we need it. Sometimes it will be other people’s words in the form of quotes I love. Sometimes it will be words that are pressing on my heart that I feel so compelled to share – just little life lessons.

Make it Sweet: Here is where you can find some of my favorite baking recipes. I love exploring paleo baking and finding ways to make original recipes healthier, more wholesome, and less sugary. Anything I share on here, I wholeheartedly approve of and 100% recommend you try!

Make it Enlightening: This space is intended to share and exchange information. Right now, it’s just a collection of books that I’ve loved, and I hope that in sharing some of my favorite parts of them with you, you’ll find one that you enjoy. Eventually, I’d like this space to grow to become even more enlightening, whether that be through sharing other reviews, interesting or educational articles, opinion pieces or guest posts.

Make it an Adventure: This is where I share my adventures in places I’ve been, lived and loved – specifically California and Washington DC. I hope it encourages you to explore and find the beauty in all places from your very own hometown to somewhere you’ve never been before. And if you end up in any of the places I’ve shared, I hope some of these photos and information help!

By Marie Frances is a space for young women, old souls and aestheticians alike.

My blog is where I share pieces of my heart, but you can get to know me on my other social media accounts as well: Instagram, Pinterest,Twitter.




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