Fall Baking: Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Here I am again, sharing one fall recipe after the other. This is my first real fall (by that I mean, seeing leaves actually change color and experiencing temperatures under 65 degrees before December), did you really think I wasn’t going to take full advantage of it? Do you really think I’m not already on my second … More Fall Baking: Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Our Weekend in DC  

Whelp, it’s Wednesday and I am still dreaming of the weekend. Not because it was a 3 day weekend (although that was nice), but because Orlando came to adventure with me and I’d been waiting for that for weeks! Seeing each other about once a month really really sucks, but we’ve gotten some pretty A+ … More Our Weekend in DC  

Update: I’m 22

  One of the best things about getting older and having all of your loved ones spread out across the country is getting to celebrate birthdays for an entire week in order to spend time with all of them ;) I spent my actual birthday in Arizona with my sister. Her friends and I went … More Update: I’m 22