Update: I’m 22

  One of the best things about getting older and having all of your loved ones spread out across the country is getting to celebrate birthdays for an entire week in order to spend time with all of them ;) I spent my actual birthday in Arizona with my sister. Her friends and I went … More Update: I’m 22


My 21st was great before it even officially started because my sister came home from Arizona just for one night so we could have a family birthday dinner (missing my brother and his fiance). First of all, how thoughtful?! My sister loves to celebrate anything she possibly can more than anyone I know and she’s … More FINALLY 21

20 & Thriving

Today is my 20th birthday. Let’s just say a lot has changed since this day last year (which would be my 19th birthday). I decided that the sadness leading up to spending my birthday on the opposite side of the country from the people I would like to spend it with wasn’t worth it, because … More 20 & Thriving